Thursday, February 21, 2008

This may be old news for the You Tube informed

Holy S#$&, has everyone seen this but me? This is a clip of skateboarder Danny Way jumping over the Great Wall of China. I may have mentioned that I am old and Danny Way skated way back in the day when I did, I didn't even know he still skated. Seriously I couldn't ollie over a fortune cookie right now. I not just saying this, this video is amazing. Have a look if you dare.

I am a blogging shrimp

If you are an adult and you don't have kids, you have probably never met Pepe the Shrimp, I mean King Prawn. I am sorry to post such a lame post but I just love Pepe, I AM NOT A SHRIMP. I mean how else would you know about Pepe besides an old person with no life blogging about it? I mean why would you really? I am so sad but Pepe does cheer me up.

The American Comedy that Never was...

There is something about British comedy that is so funny, sometimes I don't even know why I'm laughing, seriously. Does anyone remember the American version of coupling? For some reason it did not work, I mean it was bad - really bad. Hence the clip of the original coupling below that just kills me. I'm not for sure what season this is from but this is the official British version of the comedy - the original, not the American for some reason I can't explain the lamest show I've ever seen version. If you have never checked out Coupling before check out some clips on You Tube or maybe Amazon. Take a look below, this clip is hilarious.

If your old like me

The only way you will even be remotely interested in this if you are old like me. This is a performance of the Beastie Boys track "So Whatcha Want" from the 1992 album Check your Head. Way back in 1992, way before You Tube, seeing a performance like this was a real treat and this is a good one. The quality is low but this is one of the best Beastie Boys performance I have ever seen. Nice surprise at the end as well. Check it out!

Monday, February 18, 2008

If only politics were this cute too

If only politics were this sweet and inncocent (and talented). This is the cutest song I have ever heard for a presidential candidate. Her You Tube comments are great and if you head over to her MySpace page you can check out some of her other songs and shoot her a friend request if you so see fit. I certainly did. Her name is Shelby Lindley

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Crystal Pepsi Bath?

The good ole days of 1993. It was the beginning of Star Trek DS9 and Martin Lawrence still had a show called Martin. Say, does anyone remember a show called the "Class of 1996"? It didn't last but a few episodes but it always seemed to me there was a concept problem somewhere in the development department with that idea. Well if you don't remember that, maybe you will remember Crystal Pepsi. Out of all the Crystal Pepsi commercials on You Tube this one is one of my favorites. I like when the announcer asks if she would take a bath it in. I would hop in there with her for sure. The audio is a little low but check it out.

Indiana Jones and The Kindgom of the Crystal Skull

For many people today, February 14th, is a special day, and it's a special day for me too. That is because today is the official release of the new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, although I do not have the official version - I have a bootleg. I can't help myself though - I have been waiting for this movie since basically around 1989. I was really worried about how the movie would come out but I have to say it looks great. Enjoy